Ten Cent Adventures was founded in London in March 2008. We are privately owned and independently run. Stories and the talent who tell them are at the heart of everything we do.  

Paul Fischer, Owner & Producer

Paul founded Ten Cent Adventures in 2008. In addition to the work produced through the company, he has also served as an executive producer on Joe Stephenson’s award-winning film Chicken (“extraordinary” – Sight & Sound, “raw, hard-hitting, beautiful” – Little White Lies); and as a contributing producer on Tarzan & Arab's film Condom Lead, which in 2013 became the first Palestinian-made short film ever selected for the Cannes Film Festival. He is an alumni of the prestigious Guiding Lights talent development program, during the course of which he was mentored by Oscar-nominated producer Alison Owen (Saving Mr. Banks, Elizabeth, Suffragette). 


Before starting his own company Paul worked on film crews (as a runner on films such as 1408 and What Just Happened? and as a stand-in on The Other Boleyn Girl) and in production offices (as an intern at Heyday and as a script reader for outfits including ICM, the Collective, and the Sundance Institute). 

Paul is also the author of A Kim Jong-Il Production, which was published in 2015 by Penguin in the UK and Flatiron Books in the US and was translated into fourteen languages. The book received rave reviews from the New York Times to the Daily Mail; was praised by Bob Odenkirk and the writing staff of The Simpsons; and shortlisted for the Crime Writers’ Association’s Non-Fiction Award. Paul’s writing has appeared in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, the Independent, and the Guardian, amongst others.

Paul has loved movies since blindly popping a VHS of Raiders of the Lost Ark into a video player on a rainy day when he was five years old, and one of his dreams come true was to get three days of work on Indiana Jones & The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull during which he got to see Harrison Ford rock the hat and jacket in person. He will consequently argue you to the death that Crystal Skull is a better movie than you think.