TEN CENT ADVENTURES LTD. is a film and TV production company based in the United Kingdom. We are named after the slang term for Golden Age comic books - the daring, varied, innovative visual stories created in the 1930s by immigrants to the U.S.; rollicking, enthralling, surprisingly deep and provocative entertainment that was made with passion in the heart, talent in the craft, and a boulder on the shoulder, providing escape to any and all comers at the democratic price of a dime an issue. The world was a worrying, confusing place, and these creators spoke to it with great talent and ambition. The work might have been made in pokey apartments and printed on cheap paper; its makers might have run on cheap coffees and bagels; the end result underestimated by the establishment. But it lives on. 

We take our name from those efforts, and we make films for the 21st century - with the same spirit. 

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